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Volume 53 • Number 3

July 2015



Knowledge-The and Knowledge-wh

by Meghan Masto


In this paper, I offer a novel account of knowledge ascriptions with concealed questions as complements (e.g., "Amy knows the capital of Vermont"). I begin by discussing various theories of knowledge-the proposed in the literature and raising some problems for each. I then present and explain my positive proposal, arguing that knowledge ascriptions with concealed questions as complements say that the subject stands in the knowledge relation to a question. I claim that this view avoids the problems facing other accounts and offers a unified account of knowledge-the, knowledge-wh, and, importantly, other attitudes with interrogative complements. On this account, when we utter any attitude ascription that contains an explicit question, an indirect question, or a concealed question, we say that some subject (the purported bearer of that attitude) stands in the relevant relation to a question.

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