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Volume 53 • Number 3

July 2015



Special Relativity, Multiple B-series, and the Passage of Time

by Katherine Fazekas


B-theorists frequently argue that the A-theoretic views are incompatible with the Special Theory of Relativity (STR) and that this is a problem for the A-theoretic views. However, the B-theory needs to be revised in light of implications of STR. In particular, it follows from STR that some events stand in genuine temporal relations to each other while others do not. Consequently, there isn't a single temporal order of all events. Instead, there are multiple B-series. Some B-theorists defend a view of the passage of time according to which passage is simply temporal succession. This paper argues that, in Minkowski spacetime, time passes in each of the multiple B-series, but there is no passage spanning across all events because some events stand in no genuine temporal relations to each other.

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