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Volume 52 • Number 3

July 2015



Zombies and Probability: A Stochastic Approach to the Dualist's Problems

by Bernard Molyneux

This paper develops, for the purposes of answering some of the problems associated with interactionist dualism, a strategy suggested in the literature on libertarian free will in which non-physical mental events exploit physical indeterminism in effecting mind-body action. Three central points made in the paper, all of them to answer what would otherwise be an objection, are that (i) non-physical events that affect the probability of fundamental physical events do not necessarily conflict with the probabilities assigned by physical law; (ii) such interactions would in any case not show up in observations made purely at the physical level; and (iii) views of this kind fuse well with mainstream contemporary arguments for dualism that make use of the conceptual possibility of mind-body dissociation (e.g., zombie arguments). No development of the view for the libertarian is made or intended.

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