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Volume 50 • Number 2

April 2013



Is Ground a Strict Partial Order?

by Michael J. Raven

Interest surges in a distinctively metaphysical notion of ground, as witnessed by a recent anthology dedicated to it (Correia and Schnieder 2012). Devotees of ground (e.g., Fine 2001; Rosen 2010; and Raven, 2012) say it belongs in the metaphysician's toolbox, whereas Infidels (e.g., Hofweber 2009; and Wilson, unpublished manuscript) demur.
     A Schism has formed among Devotees. Orthodoxy says ground induces a strict partial order structure on reality, from the more derivative to the more fundamental. Heresy denies that ground is a strict partial order: ground is either not irreflexive (Jenkins 2011) or not transitive (Schaffer 2012).
     What's at stake? The structure of reality, answer Devotees. Even Infidels have a stake: they might take Devotees' infighting as evidence against ground's coherence (cf. Wilson).

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