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Volume 49 • Number 2

April 2012



T-Gunk and Exact Occupation

by Daniel Giberman

An item is composed of mereological gunk just in case each of its parts has proper parts. Philosophers have endorsed both the metaphysical and the epistemic possibility of gunk. Accordingly, interesting recent work has been done on the questions of whether actual physics is consonant with gunky spacetime and whether gunky matter may be located in the "pointy" spacetime of mainstream contemporary physics. To get clear about how these issues relate, some labels will be useful:

(Gunk): There are worlds with the actual world's physical laws that contain gunky material objects.

(Adequate): At least one theory of gunky spacetime that is adequate for doing actual physics is either presently available or forthcoming.

(Optional): There are worlds with nongunky spacetimes that contain gunky material objects.

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