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Volume 48 • Number 2

April 2011


A Plague on Both Your “Isms” 97
P. M. S. Hacker:  
Whose Naturalism? Which Wittgenstein? 113
Anthony Kenny  
Wittgenstein and the Background 119
John R. Searle  
Presumptuous Naturalism: A Cautionary Tale 129
Daniel D. Hutto  
Wittgenstein and the Neuroscience of the Self 147
Jesse Prinz  
Does Naturalism Rest on a Mistake? 161
Lynne Rudder Baker  
Phenomenal Concepts and the Private Language Argument 175
David Papineau  

Wittgenstein’s Ethical Nonnaturalism: An Interpretation of Tractatus 6.41­47 and the “Lecture on Ethics”

Owen Flanagan  
Master and Novice in the Later Wittgenstein 199
Meredith Williams  


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