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Volume 47 • Number 3

July 2010



Skeptics without Borders

by Kevin Meeker and Ted Poston

The specter of skepticism once again haunts philosophy. Strangely, though, few people unfurl the skeptical banner. As Bryan Frances notes,

the notion of scepticism elicits strange behaviour in philosophers, especially epistemologists. Many philosophers, even contemporary ones who should know better, sometimes assert that no one is really a sceptic. Philosophers are pretty much professionally forbidden from being radical sceptics even though we aren't forbidden from believing any of many other comparably outlandish claims.
Despite the dearth of radical skeptics among us, many sense an urgent need for radical epistemological restructuring to defeat "the skeptic." While the journals buzz with discussions about contextualism, closure principles, epistemic luck, safety, sensitivity, underdetermination, and the like, we have lost sight of how far we have come.

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